Other Business Services

Offshore Business

In business practice the term “offshore company” describes a company that has a favourable taxation or are exempt from taxation. Law firm “GRATUM” and its partners: consult clients on registration of offshore, residential companies and companies with tax benefits, in foreign countries; prepare documents necessary for the establishment of a […]

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Financial Mediation

GRATUM mediates and helps clients get the necessary financing (loan) for establishment of business, working capital, project development and implementation. Before we can evaluate your financing capacity, we need the following information: business plan or a brief description of the situation; financial information; information about guarantees/pledge. Having considered the received […]

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Business Consultations

Effective activity is the main goal and a guarantee of success of each company. GRATUM team will advise and help you to rationally use available resources, optimise costs, ensure the efficiency of the company’s business processes, so that this aspiration became reality. GRATUM team provides business consulting and business management […]

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