Annulment of Church Marriage

The service is intended for natural persons who want the marriage to be invalidated under the order of the church (confession).

The Church Tribunal can invalidate the marriage in the following cases:

  • when concluding the marriage any of the obstacles disrupting the marriage had not been removed;
  • at the time of marriage there were some reasons (due to which the marriage that too place in the church was not sacramental)  recognised as serious existed, but not appeared during marriage;
  • the reasons of the request / complaint are supported by witnesses.

The service “ANNULMENT OF CHURCH  MARRIAGE” includes:

  • legal consultations: by e-mail, by phone or during a meeting;
  • expeditious preparation of procedural documents and submission thereof to the court (with regard to elimination of civil legal consequences, associated with inclusion of the church marriage in the register of the civil registry office, and record of the act);
  • services of the counsel representation in the judicial process (on request);
  • qualified assistance in preparation of a request / claim to the absolutely competent Church Tribunal regarding declaration of invalidity of the marriage.

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