Contract Law

Contracts is the basis for modern business relationships, and the right drawing of contracts is a legal and economic necessity. An improperly prepared contract can become the reason for you frequent calls to the court or even the cause of loss of the case that we can help you avoid.

Lawyers of the law firm “GRATUM”:

  • Prepare a wide range of civil contracts (sale and purchase, lease, works, services, grant, transfer, etc.);
  • Perform legal audit of the customer’s contracts that:
    • provides clarity and stability of the business relationships;
    • allows to avoid dishonest business partners (usually the avoid signing contracts that are legally flawless and does not provide for avoidance of performing obligations, or abuse of one’s rights);
    • ensures a strong position in pre-trial process, and in case of failure to resolve the dispute with regard to breach of the contract  by negotiation between the parties, in the judicial process;
    • protects against any disruptions of operations that may arise due to contracts to be concluded,  and at the same time helps to avoid significant financial losses or even bankruptcy of the company;
    • ensures successful operation of the company.
  • Prepare transactions for ensuring obligations. Obligation fulfilment assurance – an additional guarantee in contractual relationships (suretyship, mortgage, hypothec), which protects against debts and non-fulfilment of contractual obligations.
  • Consult and represent clients in negotiations concerning signing, execution, modification and termination of contracts;
  • Represent clients in civil cases concerning non-performance or improper performance of contracts, application of contractual responsibility and other contractual disputes.