Inheritance Law

Lawyers of the law firm “GRATUM” provide legal services related to any issues arising from legal relations in the field of the Inheritance Law:

  • consult of issues relating to inheritance under the law, will, heriditament protection, time and place the inheritance arises, receipt of inheritance and responsibility for debts of the devisor, inheritance management, inheritance gains, means of estate division, contestation of inheritance right and other matters connected to legal relations of the inheritance
  • prepare documents having legal significance with regard to the extension of term for receipt of the inheritance, the inheritance administration, contestation of the inheritance right / the will, division of the inheritance among heirs, execution of the testamentary reservation, refusal of the inheritance, identification of facts having legal significance, etc.
  • represent clients (in the event of dispute between the heirs) in negotiation, pre-trial investigation institutions and at courts of all instances.