Business Consultations

Effective activity is the main goal and a guarantee of success of each company.

GRATUM team will advise and help you to rationally use available resources, optimise costs, ensure the efficiency of the company’s business processes, so that this aspiration became reality.

GRATUM team provides business consulting and business management services to both newly established companies and business subjects that have been well-established in the market, as well as persons who have business ideas.

GRATUM services of business management:

  • Business plans. We prepare business plans for various purposes: developing business, attracting investments, selling the business, etc.; we analyse business plans drawn up by the clients, identify weak and questionable parts of a business plan, provide suggestions for their improvement; we consult on issues of business plan development;
  • Strategy planning.
  • Activity management system.
  • Business process optimisation.
  • Assistance in getting support of the EU structural funds.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • IT systems optimisation.

We will develop a business plan to fit your demands and financial capacity, we will find the optimal solution for your problem.