Pre-trial Recovery of Debts

This is the cheapest and quickest way for a creditor to recover his money from the debtor. Provide GRATUM with documents proving that the debt was incurred, and we will take over your debt management.

GRATUM client does not pay any upfront fees, just the reward* for the achieved result.

When providing this service we pay special attention to our client’s interests, firstly, in order to avoid conflicts and to help preserve the client’s desired business partners.

After the transfer of debt management to GRATUM, expeditious pre-trial debt recovery begins. We will determine the debtor’s location, contact him, inform him about his liabilities to you, find out about financial possibilities to cover the debt, as well as the causes of the debt (malignant avoidance to cover the debt, financial problems), if possible, we will initiate negotiations when:

  • signing documents ensuring execution of the liability (debt repayment);
  • taking over liquid assets, if the debtor has no financial funds.

We take all lawful measures to ensure that the debt is recovered quickly.

* Reward is paid only if case of success after the debt was recovered. The size of the reward (which shall be pre-agreed with the client) depends on the amount of the debt, debt age, complexity of the situation and other circumstances, and ranges from 3% to 30% of the recovered amount.