Company lawyer

The service is intended for companies that do not have a lawyer, but need legal assistance.

The service “Company Lawyer” includes:

  • regular consultation on all legal issues relevant to the company activities;
  • drafting of internal company documents and contracts, submission of legal opinions and proposals;
  • legal audit of the transactions carried out by the company (due diligence);
  • drafting of any documents that have legal significance (for customers, business partners, courts);
  • representation of the company’s interests in negotiations or relationships with third parties, in any state or municipal authorities, companies and organisations, pre-trial investigation institutions, courts of all instances and arbitration.

Features of the “COMPANY LAWYER” service:

  • You avoid costs incurred by search for a lawyer, as well as establishment and maintenance of a workplace;
  • You do not pay social security and personal income taxes for a lawyer;
  • You do not have problems due to the payment of the lawyer’s illness, leave or redundancy compensation, and do not need to care about the lawyer’s professional development;
  • You get full, qualified and expeditious legal aid on the issued you are concerned about;
  • You may select the type of payment for legal services that is best suited to your needs and business environment;
  • You have the right to terminate the contract upon warning us in writing.

For further information, please contact us by phone: +370 650 20715 or e-mail: