Real Estate Law

We have gained experience and can offer our expertise and assistance in the field of real estate, land rights and construction law.

Lawyers of the law firm “GRATUM”:

  • consult on real estate inheritance, purchase, sale, grant, lease, use, and other disposition issues;
  • prepare various contracts (construction works, design works contracts, subcontracts, etc.) and perform legal assessment;
  • consult and provide assistance in amending or supplementing provisions of contracts;
  • consult on taxation of real estate transactions and optimisation of these taxes;
  • consult on  legal issues arising during the design process, construction organisation, construction activities, construction projects or other issues that arise during the construction process.
  • help the constructor obtain documents permitting design conditions and construction;
  • carry out legal supervision of the design process;
  • perform legal registration of complete construction objects;
  • consult on real estate management, identification of parts in joint property, division of and separation from the common property, transfer, restriction of right thereof, conclusion of contracts, legal assessment of contract conditions and other issues;
  • prepare claims, responses to the claims and other required documents;
  • represent clients in negotiations with state institutions in resolving disputes at courts of all instances and arbitration.