Settlement of disputes

The dispute is won, if it was avoided. Before starting a legal fight one should responsibly weigh, whether the pursued objective is really worth the fight.

Lawyers of the law firm “GRATUM” are able to avoid unnecessary disputes and reach an amicable agreement, if it possible. First of all we consider each situation through the prism of economic benefit to the client. If it is not viable to argue, we try to concluded the dispute as quickly and as economically as possible. However, if there is no choice, we help each client choose the dispute resolution tactics and strategy that determines the effective protection of the client’s interests and litigation success.

Lawyers of the law firm “GRATUM” consult choosing the most appropriate means for dispute resolution, and provide qualified representation of clients’ interests in resolving various disputes, pre-trial dispute resolution institutions, courts of all instances (criminal, civil and administrative cases) and arbitration.