Corporate Law

GRATUM team has accumulated vast experience in establishing, privatisation, separation, transformation and reorganisation of legal entities, increasing and decreasing the authorized capital, changing management bodies, appointing and dismissing employees, resolving shareholders’ conflicts and disputes with the administration of legal entities, as well as other issues related to legal persons and their management.

Lawyers of the law firm “GRATUM”:

  • provide legal assistance with regard to the establishment, registration, re-registration, reformation, reorganisation and liquidation all types of companies in Lithuania and prepare all the necessary documents;
  • organise and preside the company’s shareholders’ meetings, prepare the agenda and consult on the issues of the decisions made;
  • manage internal documentation of the companies, perform legal audit of the transactions carried out by the company (due diligence);
  • consult on all legal issues relevant to the company activities;
  • prepare documents necessary for the transfer or acquisition of the company, sale or purchase of shares;
  • represent companies, creditors, debtors, shareholders, corporate managers, management bodies and other persons concerned in the bankruptcy and liquidation process of companies;
  • prepare procedural documents for the court with regard to bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings, and represent at court;
  • offer services of a bankruptcy administrator and company liquidator (provided by GRATUM partners).